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An MOT is a legal requirement for vehicles over 4 years old. At ASR we take this legal obligation very seriously. We will endeavor to undertake as many checks as possible on your behalf to ensure that your vehicle passes the test first time. 

We guarantee that we will not find fault or suggest work that is not needed.

Maintenance service

The  most important thing you can do with your vehicle is regular maintenance.  Keeping your car in good condition is not just a matter of making the car last longer or drive more comfortably but is also a matter of safety for yourself and your passengers.

Keeping the car maintained to the manufactures standards ensures that your vehicle is safer when driving on the road and also safer when unexpected events occur.

Come in and have a chat or drop us a line on the contact page for regular maintenance advice


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Why you should service your Audi

Regularly servicing your Audi ensures it stays in top condition and keeps it running reliably and efficiently. On top of this, without regular checks, existing problems may go unnoticed which could result in increased repair costs.

Getting your Audi serviced means you’ll get a stamp in your service book or your digital service history updated, which can benefit your car’s value if you want to sell it in the future.